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Submitting an e-mail is probably the most convenient way of interaction these days. But when you deliver an e-mail, usually you don't know whether or not your e-mail has been provided efficiently and study by the individual. is a No cost Email Monitoring service which shows you when the e-mail you deliver gets study. We deliver you an e-mail study notice as soon as the the individual of your sent e-mail reveals and flows your e-mail.

Unlike other Email tracking organizations, we do not cost anything from our customers to monitor e-mail. With, Monitoring Email is FREE. Also our Email Monitoring strategy is unseen to the recipient; your e-mail individual will never be motivated to deliver you a Comeback Bill.

Your individual will NOT KNOW that you have sent a Monitored Email!

You will use your present e-mail and present e-mail customer program/web centered E-mail Company to deliver Monitored Messages. There is no need to modify your Email deal with for Email monitoring.

Come back Bill & Study Receipt

You can deliver endless number of monitored messages everyday. We keep a record of your sent messages and deliver you an E-mail Come back Bill or E-mail Study Bill by means of an E-mail Study Notice as soon as your sent email gets started out. Our No cost E-mail Monitoring strategy does not depend on old E-mail Study Bill or E-mail Come back Bill strategy, which requires the individual whether or not to deliver the read invoice or return invoice. With us, you will deliver a qualified email and we shall tell you the actual time frame and time at which your individual started out your sent email. We shall also tell you about Recipient's IP deal with, Regional Place, Os, Web Web browser's name etc. You can see a Taste E-mail Study Notice here.

You should not be worried about your comfort at all. We CANNOT read or see your Electronic mails. Your E-mail is sent DIRECTLY from your pc to your recipient's email host. So Your Privacy is Never Ever compromised!

Email Tracker

Our online E-mail Tracking program system performs with all contemporary email organizations such as Gmail, yahoo mail, bing, AOL etc and all customer part email applications such as Perspective, Eudora etc. You do not need to obtain any application or plug-in to use our E-mail Monitoring assistance, just deliver your messages in the same way as you deliver now. All you have to do is to put a very little picture of dimension 1x1 pixel (YES! 1x1 pixel) vibrant Monitoring Image in your confident email. This little picture is difficult to be seen by your individual. Furthermore you can publish your own picture to be used as Monitoring Image. You will get E-mail verification as soon and whenever your email gets read.