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Email Delivery

E-mail shipping is the most crucial and essential part of any e-newsletter or marketing via email effort. Blue Shark Solution specializes in offering efficient and fast email shipping assistance by:

  • Investing options to keeping connections with ISPs and email providers
  • Applying guidelines and techniques to keep spammers and fraudsters off of our email shipping network
  • Employing email verification technological innovation such as Domain Keys and Emailer ID (SPF) to ensure popularity of provided email
  • Offering a scalable, repetitive, high-performance email shipping service

In addition, Blue Shark Solution has a devoted Delivery Confidence office whose concentrate is to sustain the best levels of email deliverability for customers submitting through our system.

And at the primary of our technology is our fully scalable, high-performance email shipping engine. With features such diverse source allowance, several similar email shipping, and powerful several retry functionality, your email is provided quickly and easily whether you are submitting to a number of contact information or large numbers.