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Before you invest in Adwords, you must know about the charges. Adwords allows you to control the costs and budget. You can set your budget. If someone clicks on your ad, you won’t be charged more than your maximum cost per click. We charge a nominal fee to set up and manage your Adwords campaign. We ensure that you get the maximum ROI. The advertising cost depends on the competition and selection of the keywords. Google charges $ 5 approximately to get your campaign running. This is a non-refundable fee. Even if you don’t advertise on Google, you won’t be able to get the refund.

Google Adwords structure:


You get the Adwords credits to advertise. The activation fee gets deducted from the first payments and you can use this credits as and when required.

Direct Debit:

You get charged as you advertise on Google adwords.

Post Pay:

You get charged after reaching 30 days of the start date. The advertisements run when you enter the valid billing information.

As of now, you cannot switch between pre and post payment options.

We charge a nominal fee to manage your Adwords campaign. Being an expert Google adwords specialist, we know how to help you achieve the maximum ROI. Whether you want to spend a few dollars or thousands, we can help you for pay per click advertisements.

Through Adwords, you would be charged every time your ad is clicked. There is no minimum charge for Adwords. We are one of the trusted and reliable pay per click companies which has helped many businesses achieve huge profits through pay per click advertisements.

We monitor the Adwords campaign regularly to see how it is moving forward and what results it is producing. When you choose UK base Google adwords specialists for managing your adwords campaign, you can keep a track of the improvements in your online business.

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